Our Goal

Penci Logic3D Pen is a tool for the imaginative minds of our generation. It permits you to develop 3D things from the ground up; construct any and whatever you can envision with supreme ease and accuracy. Release your imagination and let it run widespread through your studio!


Penci Logic3D Pen utilizes filaments that extrude from the nozzle/tip as soon as heated up within the pen. It then immediately cools and strengthens as you start drawing the things of your option, providing a strong steady structure to your structure; enabling you to produce an unlimited variety of shapes and style with ease! Many people can quickly start tracing as quickly as they obtain Our


Company 3D Pen.


Take your concepts into an entire brand-new measurement with Penci Logic3D Pen. Whether your dream is to see your character from every angle, shape, or print him in 3D, Penci Logic3D Pen has whatever you require to bring your imagination to life.